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Free of H&G Celebration!

Good Afternoon Chicago Red Men and Women,
If you haven’t heard (where have you been?!) Liverpool FC today announced the finalization of their sale to New England Sports Ventures and name change to the Liverpool Red Sox! Let’s go Red Sox!
In all seriousness though this week has been a stressful and anxiety ridden week for most of us, with the beginning of each day starting with one conclusion and by the end of the day finding Hicks and his lawyers have scuppered the deal somehow. It’s been a whirlwind of emotion but I’m happy to say it’s all over now – we have new owners, NESV and John Henry, Hicks and Gillette are gone (though their claims for damages remain…)
Timing couldn’t be better going into the Merseyside Derby on Sunday at 7:30am so in order to celebrate the new dawn of our football club we will be raffling off a Signed JAMIE CARRAGHER Shirt!
Come on down and enjoy the game, the atmosphere and doubtless discussions about Mr. Henry and the success being debt free will hopefully bring!
John Henry’s first official LFC interview is available on the clubs website…
See this NESV video for information on who they are and what they do…
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