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Chicago LFC CoEd (Season 4 Game 8)

Sunday, August 15th.  A day that will live in infamy for Pepe Reina.  Also, a day that will live in regular ‘famy’ (not in-famy) for the Chicago LFC squad.  The last time a Liverpool squad were top of the league after the final game of the season, the likes of Paula Abdul and Flotsam and Jetsam were topping the music charts.  But all that was set to change.

A large part of the squad met up at The Globe Pub at around 9.30am to watch Liverpool FC kick off their season against last season’s 3rd place finishers, Arsenal.  Just before half time, new signing Joe Cole was (arguably) harshly sent off, and it all got doom and gloom… all the preaseason optimism went out the window.  Step up, David N’Gog.  Most fans would love for N’Gog to never have to play again, but he was played through by a ball from Mascherano, (who incidentally never wants to play for us again) and applied a finish that can only be explained as Pat Garrity-esque.  Madness.  Arsenal were stronger in the first half, and yet, it was now Liverpool, with only 10 men, who were in control.  But I’m not here to write a summary about that game, so suffice to say, in the 91st minute, Pepe Reina, our world class goal keeper, made the error of a lifetime and herded the ball into the goal.  1-1.  Not a bad result in the context of the first half, but poor, the way it ended.

Anyway, onto CLFC…. Those who were at the pub closed out their tabs and drove on over to Rauner YMCA, for the 1pm kickoff.  We got there, not completely downtrodden by the result and on the verge of making Liverpool FC History.  The first ever league winners proper in the 21st Century.  I’m not trying to big up our accomplishments by any means, this really is that important.

The football Gods made it easy on us as well.  The opposing team, a mouthy bunch of bastards, only had 7 men and 1 woman.  18 v. 8.  just the kind of odds I like.

In the interest of fairness, CLFC’s defenders decided to get lazy and concede a goal.  For their apparent disadvantage, the opposition were defiant and continued to attack.  They seemed to play better with less players.  Sounds familiar.  It was 1-0 at half time.  Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Hot as fuck.

The combination of beer and hot weather did not sit well with some of the CLFC players, but knowing what was at stake, CLFC decided to step it up.  Early Arif Ismail teed up Greg Whalley to make it 1-1 from right around the penalty spot.  Then Garrity tucked a ball away near post.  2-1.  The defense hardly had anything to do as the heat clearly took it’s toll on the shorthanded opposition.  The only interesting thing was a yellow card for Remi for being within 10ft of an opposition player falling over.  This also led to the only other interesting thing for CLFC defenders Kevin and Remi… this time on the sidelines… making friends with the player who was moaning on about us claiming innocence.  What a baby, right?

I honestly don’t know how the goals were scored after that point.  Even the first two goal calls might be a little off.  Greg scored a penalty that might have been for a handball, or just for fun.  3-1.  There were probably some really good runs and some great passes after that.  End result was a couple of very nice goals from Max DeDeDeDe-DeDeDeDe-DeDeDeDe-De-De-De-DeeeeeeeZutter.  A great finish from the free kick for Andy LaLaLala-LaLaLala-LaLaLala-La-La-La-Ladd was called back, but he got one back late on to make up for that.  I think that put’s us at 6-1, which is where I think it ended.

And once it did end, CLFC clinched their spot at the top of the league!  Still, there are playoffs to deal with, so it’s not quite done yet.  We have a match on Sunday, against the 8th seed, (because we are the 1st seed, because we won the league) and then if we win, another, before we can book our spot in the final.  Fingers crossed for CLFC, as they cautiously look towards their first ever league title!!!


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