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Chicago LFC CoEd (Season 4 Game 7)

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these blog posts (mostly because they’re time consuming, and let’s be honest, I’m one of the top 6 most important people in the world, if people saw me wasting my time writing a blog about a Sunday legue soccer team filled with people I don’t even like, they’d probably wonder where my priorities are).  Over the last few months, ChicagoLFC’s blog writers have focused on important things like the World Cup,  the Oil Spill and boobies.  Lucky for you, my priorites have been mixed back up and you’ll now have a chance to read, what I must say, is some awesome effing writing.  I got a chubby right now just thinking about how good this is gonna be. 

Disclaimer: It’s been two days and I got pretty loaded Sunday night, so I’m going to fill in the blanks like we always have.  Also, I have no idea if we’re on Season 4 or if it’s Episode 7.  But blindly accept it as fact.

This Sunday started much the same way that most Sunday’s have for our ragtag squad of wovable winners.   Hungover and totally regretting not taking Matt Rosine’s offer of playing in the afternoon league.   The 10:20 kick off wasn’t too bad though, and the weather wasn’t as unbearable as the normal noon-ish sauna.  The squad arrived at  the pitch one by one and sometimes two by two.  Much like the ants that go marching, hoorah, hoorah.  Of course, some of our ants showed up pretty late, using the old excuse of not knowing when the game was, but if the little ant remembered correctly, someone told him what time the game was the night before when he was texting someone else, talking jive and acting like a punk ass ant.  But I digress, what doesn’t kill you, or cause you to concede a goal, only makes you stronger.  Hollice Wrobel started in goal, because the regular keeper Aran Quinn was a bit late and stand in keeper Kevin Achettu was, for some odd reason, restricted to the parking lot.  No one knows why he had to stay in the parking lot, but frankly, it’s not important and really it doesn’t need to be discussed at all after this point.

The game started off pretty slow, but CLFC were quick to build in the midfield, making sure that Uberstein didn’t get a touch in our half.  The pressure was building and it led to some very good chances.  Some quick passing led to a great chance for Heather Ribiero.  Ribiero did her best Robbie Keane impersonation and put the ball over the crossbar from a few yards out.  But CLFC were still putting on all the pressure.  Greg Walley did his best Heather Ribiero impression and missed from even closer, on the volley, and it seemed like CLFC were certain to come away with a goal before half time.

Of course, football doesn’t always work out like that.  The next few minutes are sort of hazy because there was a shiny potato chip bag that was floating around the parking lot that distracted me quite a bit.  I’m a sucker for shiny things.  And cornrows and manicured toes.  Uberstein probably did something like build up some pressure, loop a quick ball over, cross a defender and finish pretty nicely for a bunch of jerks.  Or something like that.  1-0 to the Uberstein.  The goal got my attention back to the game and seemed to wake up CLFC a bit.  It was back to business as usual, with CLFC applying even more pressure.  There were a few half chances and breakaways, but it wasn’t until Pat Garrity got the ball at the top of the box and unleashed a looping shot that has been compared to this Gerrard shot and this miracle.  Personally, I think it’s a bit more of this.  BAM, still got it.

Garritty, took the ball down just outside the top corner of the box and struck the ball ever so sweetly.  Almost Torres-esque.  No keeper in the world would’ve saved it (aside from maybe stand in keeper Kevin Achettu, who probably would’ve done it with relative ease).  1-1.  CLFC were back in it with only a few minutes left before half time. 

There wasn’t much to report from the half time team talk because reporter’s weren’t given field access.  But I’m sure it was the same old inspirational jargon from Dan and Bryn, probably taking a note out of Rafa’s book.  I promise that’s not a Rick Roll.  Either way, CLFC took the field for the second half and it was more of the same.  Stellar attacking and a great link between defense and midfield meant that CLFC controlled the ball, and inherently, the game.  Aran Quinn had to put up with heckling from a pretty mean spirited fan who was in the parking lot, for some reason, but he managed to get past it and perform well.  Though he did check to see if his shoes were untied, like the fan kept telling him.  The fan also sang Fields of Anfield Road, to try and inspire the same team he was just making fun of.  Which is weird.  But we’ll let it slide because he means well and deep down inside is a really good person.  Arif Ismail was a terrier in midfield.  Always pressuring the defense with his runs and pressuring the opposition when they were on the ball.  Bryn Griffiths, was a pomeranian constantly annoying the opposition’s midfield and emitting a really high pitch, barking like sound.  Greg Whalley was like a mixed breed Rottweiler/German Sheppard.  No real reason for that one, it’s just what I think when I think Greg Whalley.  And yeah, I do think Greg Whalley some times.  So sue me.  The three dogs combined for some great passing, resulting in Arif (kind of sounds like a dog barking, do you see what I’m getting at?) with a ball on the touchline dribbling in and having a great shot.  The ball bounced around the 6 yard for a bit, before Garritty tucked it away, 2-0. 

CLFC now had the lead and knew that more of the same play would see away the opposition.  Some chippy play followed and Arif followe up with his best Pat Garritty impression and looped in a shot that hit the woodwork before it looked like it crossed the line but you’re having a laugh if you think the refferees were in good position to see whether it did or not.  It remained 2-1 and a few yellows were shown before CLFC finally closed out the game without giving Uberstein a sniff.

Sorry to end it so abruptly, but I have to get back to work.  The win over Uberstein puts CLFC in sole posession of First Place with one game left in the season.  For the first time since ’89-’90 a Liverpool squad has the chance to win the league.  Of course, that means nothing because we have playoffs after that, but we’ll ignore that bit.

One more win will set CLFC up with a nice route to the Final, which will be scheduled for the 29th (playoffs on the 22nd, last league match on the 15th).  Hopefully it’ll be 4 more wins to close out what is possibly Chicago LFC’s 4th outdoor season.  Onwards and upwards!


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