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Chicago LFC (matchday 3)

3rd matchday, 4th match.  It was one to forget.  Several members of Chicago LFC showed up for Sunday morning’s match not hungover, and the unfamiliarity with that feeling proved to be the teams downfall.  The well rested, completely level headed Reds showed up and put up a pathetic display, front to back, against Bagkat FC.  The Greg Whalley and Hollice Wrobel shaped voids in the team were clear to see as the Reds conceded a fairly early goal on the break.  Before half time a second goal went in after a complete howler from Chicago LFC’s, Aran Quinn.  The tempermental goalkeeper, who had saved Chicago LFC on so many occasions, took a goal kick directly to an opposition player, who put an admittedly beautiful finish on the ball to make it 2-0.  Chicago LFC went into the half time intermission, with spirits very low. 

Captain Bryn Griffiths attempted to lift the morale with a rousing speech at half time, and it did seem to work early on.  A few good chances were taken, but then disaster struck as Bagkat scored by lobbing the keeper on the break.  At that point it was pretty much done and dusted and Chicago LFC didn’t look like they’d could get back in the game.

It was another valiant performance from our female players, who all had to play the whole game.  And while not to many positives could be taken from the game, the team never gave up, playing for pride until the final whistle.  The match will be looked at as a one off, with Chicago LFC hoping to rebound next week. 

And just to be safe, the next match will hopefully be rescheduled to be after the Chelsea match so everyone can be proper drunk or at least very hungover.  Because if we don’t have a t least a little residual alcohol left in our blood, then by golly, we’re not Chicago LFC.


Why has no one mentioned this yet?

It’s like the turd in the punch bowl at a high-society party.

“This is a lovely party Jeffery but there appears to be a turd in your punch bowl good chap!”

In 2 consecutive games, arguably the two biggest threats to our title chances have won their matches after the officials gave them long periods of additional stoppage time.

Chelsea got almost 9 minutes of extra time to finally dispatch Stoke, a team that performed valiantly and really deserved the draw they were about to get.

Meanwhile, Manchester City matched Manchester United, blow for blow until the 5th minute of stoppage time. At this point, the traitor, Micheal Owen, decided to raise his leathery head and slot one past the hapless goalie with the ample space provided by the City defense.

Should they have defended better? Maybe. Should they have tried to win instead of tried to draw? Maybe. Should they have taken Tevez off after his abysmal showing? Definitely. But did any of these things amount to 6 minutes of extra time? HELL NO!

There was an article in the Guardian the next day talking about this very fact. They have a minute extra added whenever they don’t have the lead while playing at home compared to when in the lead. A WHOLE MINUTE!! I wonder if 1 minute means much in football? My guess is a minute can win whole leagues. And by the way, that minute is just an average.

Full stats are:

When winning – 191.35 seconds of stoppage time

When losing – 257.17 seconds of stoppage time.

Other teams get longer extra time at home than Man U but it’s regardless of winning or losing.

My point being,  if the officials insist on helping them along with their title chances, they better help us too. Otherwise, this really is injustice!!!! 😉

Honestly though, we’d need to average out ref. Martin Atkinsons’ games to see if this really is bias or if he’s just rather generous during all important games before we come to any conclusions.

Still, a lot of people are very disappointed at the dubious nature of their win.

Click here for the Guardian article…


Chicago LFC – Matchday 2 (doubleheader)

i’m sure you’ve already read the game summary on ESPN or SkySports, but here is the lowdown of what happened on Sunday during Chicago LFC’s doubleheader.

CLFC had nearly a full squad and were clearly enjoying the first match v. Stranger’s United, the former team of new signing Arif Ismail.  Max DeZutter slotted home an early goal with the ball bouncing around in the box following a corner and what was apparently a handball.  The non-call for the hand-ball was something we would see a lot more of on the day.  At one point a Stranger’s defender, in the box, cradled the ball, licked his thumb and used it to wipe a tiny smudge of dirt off of the ball, turned, dropped it and kicked it.  The referee called it ball to hand.  Remi then nearly crushed an opposing player who had kicked out at him, telling him ‘never to do that again.’  Yellow card.  The referee then allowed one of Stranger’s players to slide around on the ground before having a linesman let him know what the rules were.  Ignorance is bliss, I suppose, as the card stayed in his pocket at that point.  But CLFC, hardly known for its moaning and complaining, carried on and were within two minutes of 3 points when a hopeless ball was handled on the edge of the area.  Clearly, protecting your face on the top corner of the 18 yard box is a blatant attempt to impede an oppositions attack.  Should’ve just let it bloody your nose.  The match ended 1-1.

After a 45 second break it was on to the second match of the day.  CLFC took the field slightly annoyed by the first result, but at least a tiny bit cheered up by the sheer genius that goes into Windy City Wanderer’s schedule making.

That uplifting feeling proved to be what CLFC needed, as the team proceeded to defenestrate (throw out of a window, word of the day) Primera something or the other.  Koby opened the scoring with a deflected effort from just inside the 18-yard box. In a rampant first half display Pat scored a brilliant solo-effort, Brittany deftly headed home after Remi’s brilliant run and shot cam e back off the bar and Koby slotted home to end the first half with a brace and Chicago LFC 4-0 up!   The second half was a bit more drab, with not much happening in the early stages.  With CLFC going on the attack looking to boost their goal difference further, Primera Whatevers broke on the counter and slotted one past keeper Aran Quinn, who had fallen asleep due to long periods of inactivity.  Then, just as Koby was being called in for a substitution, with his last kick of the ball, he put CLFC 5-1 up and completed his hat-trick. A feat he had predicted to the same teams goal keeper last week after missing a hat-trick of chances in the previous game. At that point it was really game over, and things got a bit silly.  A disheveled, yet tall, forward for Primerawhocaresa dragged his leg, kicking keeper Aran Quinn square in the chest.  Seconds later, the same scummy looking fellow, who probably has loads of dandruff and smells like a block of cheese that has been sitting in your trunk ever since you bought it during that early summer trip to Wisconsin, pushed Arif down then told him to calm down.  Words and yellow cards were exchanged (with Arif acting very calm, but one of his teammates clearly taking offense) and it was a rather boring flare up at the conclusion of a pretty straightforward game.

CLFC are now 2-0-1 and top of the league!

In other news, on their way to the post match celebrations, the team bus was verbally assaulted by a scruffy, crack addict looking woman.  False allegations and fake laws were thrown back and forth before this very racist, very unkempt woman eventually put a sock in it.  Police are following leads, and one spokesperson stated that the verbal assault could very well be linked to that other untidy looking fellow who was fouling people all game long.

Until next week, God bless America.


Nemeth watch… first AEK Athens goal…

Nemeth 2

In AEK Athens’ 3rd game in the Greek league this season our boy Nemeth got off the mark with a decent opening goal in the 1-1 away draw with PAS Giannina. Get in there son!

Watch it on footy tube by clicking this link…



Fowler Watch…

Watch this cracker from Robbie “God” Fowler… thanks to Empire of the Kop for tweeting that one… click the “what a goal” link…



Nemeth Watch…

I love this kid! Check out his Greek league debut assist in AEK Athen’s 1-0 away win.

The Nemeth Nutmeg

I’m not sure who your strike partner is Nemeth but I suggest you start shooting more yourself!

I think this loan spell will do him a world of good and guess who AEK are up against next… Everton, in the Europa League, could a Liverpool loanee score at Goodison… we’ll see on Thursday (tomorrow).



Chicago LFC season opener

Chicago LFC started the season off with a win. We played ‘New Team’ and were a bit more shorthanded then usual. Hollice filled in well in goal. New signings Arif Ismael and Heather Ribiero, defensive midfielder and winger respectively, played great games and were very needed. A late goal from Max Dezutter sealed the match. It was a fairly open game, but CLFC played the better footy and it showed in the end. Great start to the season, keep on truckin CLFC!

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